Broadview Oval Community and Sports Hub

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  • Significant Progress and Achievements on Broadview Oval Community and Sports Hub

    We're back with exciting news about the long-awaited Broadview Oval Community and Sports Hub.

    Since our previous update in May, substantial progress has been achieved. An additional project phase is now complete, and the main structure's construction is finalised. Brickwork has made significant headway, while windows have been successfully installed, with glazing scheduled for the upcoming week. Tiling has begun on the ground floor and level 1.

    Next up, the ongoing process of external wall cladding is underway, bringing us closer to our goal. Additionally, we're thrilled to share that the Broadview Football Club is set to move to the new building by late October, symbolising a significant step forward. As we look ahead, November brings the exciting start of demolishing the existing building, marking the initiation of car park construction.

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