Irish Harp Reserve Upgrade

Project Overview

The Irish Harp Reserve upgrade has officially kicked off, marking a significant milestone for our community.

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Consultation has now closed. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

All feedback received was collated and presented in a report to Council at the 26 April 2022 Council Meeting. A copy of the report is provided in the Document Library on the right of this page.

Irish Harp Reserve (350 Regency Road, Prospect) is scheduled for an upgrade, as detailed in Council’s Open Space Strategy. In preparation for the redevelopment, Council conducted an initial community consultation (Round 1) during March - April 2021, to obtain background information on how the park is currently used by our community and what they would like to see included in the future upgrade. A summary of the feedback received from the Round 1 consultation is available here.

Following the initial Round 1 consultation, Council applied for a State Government Grant and were successful in obtaining funding to assist with the reserve upgrade. A draft concept plan has since been developed for the reserve upgrade and we are now seeking community feedback on the draft plan.

Have your say on the draft concept plan:

  • Online - View the draft concept plan here and complete the feedback survey below or provide a written submission.
  • In person - attend the onsite drop-in session on Thursday 10 March 2022 anytime between 2pm-6pm, 350 Regency Road, Prospect, where Council staff will be available to discuss the draft concept plan, answer any questions and gather your feedback.

Consultation closed on Sunday 20 March 2022.

  • Stage 1 - ‘Urban Green Link Corridor’ Master Plan Consultation

    November 2016 - March 2017

    Initial consultation undertaken to determine the community’s level of support for the ‘Urban Green Link Corridor’ Master Plan and any feedback they have.

  • Stage 2 - Round 1 Consultation

    25 March - 18 April 2021

    Consultation on what the community would like to see as part of the upgrade at Irish Harp Reserve.

  • Stage 3 - Development of Draft Concept Plan

    May - December 2021

    Preparation of a draft concept plan that reflects the information gathered from Stage 2, and supports feedback from Stage 1.

    Includes 3 Council Workshops to discuss and refine the draft concept plan.

  • Stage 4 - Grant Applications

    August-November 2021

    Prepare and submit grant funding applications for additional funding.

  • Stage 5 - Endorsement of Draft Concept Plan

    January 2022

    Endorsement of the draft concept plan to go to community consultation at the January 2022 Council Meeting.

  • Stage 6 - Round 2 Consultation (final)

    25 February - 20 March 2022

    Consultation on the draft concept plan to refine the plan and ensure it meets community expectations.

  • Stage 7 - Refinement of Concept Plan

    March 2022

    Refine the concept plan based on feedback received from Round 2 consultation.

  • Stage 8 - Endorsement of Concept Plan

    April 2022

    Council Report seeking endorsement of the concept plan to proceed to documentation and construction.

  • Stage 9 - Project Documentation and Tender Process

    May - October 2022

    Project documentation finalised and tender process for construction completed.

  • Stage 10 - Construction Period

    October 2023/ March 2024

    Please note, constuction timeframe is dependent on availability of contactors and materials.

Irish Harp Reserve Upgrade – November Update

As part of the Irish Harp Reserve’s upgrade, significant milestones have already been achieved. The initial site demolition is completed, and the survey pegging is in place. Our dedicated contractors have commenced excavating the soil to install play equipment, paving, and other features.

Furthermore, the groundwork has begun with digging service trenches to facilitate irrigation and electrical systems, ensuring a sustainable and functional environment for all the upcoming enhancements.

Stay tuned for further updates as the Irish Harp Reserve continues transforming into an even more inviting and engaging space for the entire community.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work to bring these improvements to the Irish Harp Reserve.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for this exciting project.

Irish Harp Reserve Upgrade Underway

The Irish Harp Reserve upgrade has officially kicked off, marking a significant milestone for our community. The project has enlisted the services of LCS Landscapes, a contractor known for its expertise in landscape development. They have already mobilised to the site and have placed temporary fencing around the reserve, ensuring safety and security during construction.

The upgrade works are scheduled to take place from October 2023 until March 2024. During this time, access to the Reserve is limited to a small southeastern portion of the lawned area. Pedestrian access to this section of the Reserve is available only from the Irish Harp Lane East entry point.

When complete, Irish Harp Reserve will feature swings, a flying fox, a basketball board, nature play elements, seating, BBQ facilities, a shelter, picnic tables and chairs, as well as an amazing piece of artwork play equipment.

Attached, you can find the updated Reserve development plan, providing a preview of the park's future appearance.

Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting transformation continues to take shape at Irish Harp Reserve.