Irish Harp Reserve Upgrade


Irish Harp Reserve is located at 350 Regency Road, Prospect, close to the northern boundary of our Council area. It forms one part of what is known as the ‘Urban Green Link Corridor’ along with Railway Park and Prospect Estate Reserve (see below).

Urban Green Link Corridor Area

The Open Space Strategy identifies every park/reserve in our Council area and defines the priority parks for upgrades (see Key Documents). Irish Harp Reserve has been identified for an upgrade in the 2021/22 Financial Year.

It will be jointly funded through Council’s Annual Business Plan for the 2021/22 Financial Year ($325,000) and by a State Government Open Space Grant ($325,000).

An ‘Urban Green Link Corridor’ Master Plan was prepared in 2016-2017 to improve the amenity of, and connection between the three parks: Prospect Estate Reserve, Railway Park Reserve and Irish Harp Reserve. The Master Plan aimed to address the increased need for quality public open spaces, recreation areas and active travel routes as outlined in Council’s Strategic Plan to 2020. Generally the proposed Master Plan had a high level of support.

Any park furniture and services that are worthy of retention and have not reached their end-of-life will be retained. Feedback from this community consultation may also inform what will be retained.

The playground equipment has reached its end-of-life and will be removed. Any other park furniture not worthy of retention will be removed.

Park furniture and equipment is recycled where possible, including stripping various components for recycling where appropriate.

Any trees that are dead or dying and meet Council’s strict removal criteria will be removed.

The playspace will cater for all ages. Different equipment has been chosen to cater for various ages and abilities.

The consultation will influence the various components that will be installed as part of the upgrade, based on the way the community uses the space, as well as the type of play equipment that will be installed.

The feedback will inform a final concept plan that will be prepared for the Reserve.

We anticipate the upgrade will occur from August - November 2022, however construction is dependent on the availability of contractors and materials.

No other parts of the Green Link Corridor will be upgraded as part of this project.

A budget of $650,000 has been allocated for the upgrade of Irish Harp Reserve ($325,000 from Council and $325,000 from a State Government Open Space Grant).

Round 1 Consultation occurred in March-April 2021 and gathered information about how our community currently use the reserve and what they would like to see as part of the upgrade. Prior to this, community consultation on the ‘Urban Green Link Corridor’ Master Plan was undertaken from November 2016 to March 2017. The engagement activities included a blackboard that was erected at the park for the duration of the consultation, meetings with key stakeholders (including the Adelaide Miniature Steam Railway Society and Prospect Kindergarten), and a community event at Irish Harp Reserve.

The initial consultation in 2016-2017 was to determine a general level of support for the Urban Green Link Corridor Master Plan which is an overarching vision for the area. This round of consultation specifically focuses on Irish Harp Reserve itself, and no other aspects of the Master Plan.