Irish Harp Reserve Upgrade 2021

Project Overview

September 2021 Update:

Council have secured a budget of $325,000 for the upgrade of Irish Harp Reserve. To achieve the most desirable outcome that meets the needs of the community, we have applied for external grant funding for the upgrade. Currently the design of this reserve is on hold until we hear back from the grant funding bodies in late December 2021. We anticipate that further planning for this upgrade will continue in early 2022 and will include another round of community consultation on a draft concept plan that will be prepared.

Irish Harp Reserve (350 Regency Road, Prospect) is scheduled for an upgrade, as detailed in Council’s Open Space Strategy. A budget bid for the 2021/2022 financial year has been submitted for the construction of the reserve, and we are ready to start planning.

The current facilities are outdated, have reached the end of their useful life, and no longer meeting the needs of our community. We want to know how you currently use the space, and what you'd like to see added. This will help us design a concept plan that reflects your needs, and incorporates contemporary, up-to-date facilities.

The purpose of this engagement is to inform the community of the proposed upgrade for the 2021/2022 financial year, and obtain feedback as to what the community wants to see as part of the upgrade. As part of the overaching vision for the Green Link Corridor Master Plan, we have considered feedback gathered from the previous consultation, and this has helped to shape our survey questions (below).

The initial round of consultation was open from 25 March to 18 April 2021.

To find out more about the project, email us at, or call us on 8269 5355.

  • Stage 1 - ‘Urban Green Link Corridor’ Master Plan Consultation

    November 2016 - March 2017

    Initial consultation undertaken to determine the community’s level of support for the ‘Urban Green Link Corridor’ Master Plan and any feedback they have.

  • Stage 2 - Concept Consultation

    March - April 2021

    Consultation on what the community would like to see as part of the upgrade at Irish Harp Reserve.

  • Stage 3 - Draft Concept Plan

    July - December 2021

    Preparation of a draft concept plan that reflects the information gathered from Stage 2, and ensuring that the draft plan supports feedback from Stage 1.

  • Stage 4 - Grant Applications

    August-November 2021

    Prepare and submit grant funding applications for additional funding.

  • Stage 5 - Concept Endorsement

    December 2021/January 2022

    Workshop and Council endorsement on the draft concept plan to go to community consultation.

  • Stage 6 - Final Consultation

    February 2022

    Consultation on the draft concept plan to refine the plan and ensure it meets community expectations.

  • Stage 7 - Final Endorsement

    March 2022

    Finalising the draft plan and seeking Council endorsement to proceed to documentation and construction.

City of Prospect acknowledges that we are on the traditional country of the Kaurna people
of the Adelaide Plains region, and we pay our respect to Elders past and present.

We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationships with the land
and we acknowledge that they are of continuing importance to the Kaurna people living today.