Matthews Reserve Upgrade 2023-25

Project overview

The Matthews Reserve Upgrade project is now closed for consultation. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. All feedback received has been compiled and will be presented in a report during the next Council Meeting.

Matthews Reserve, located on the corner of Struan Avenue and Moore Street, Prospect, is scheduled for an upgrade as detailed in Council’s Open Space Strategy.

City of Prospect has sought input from our community to uncover the residents’ top priorities and preferences regarding the features and facilities that will be incorporated into the revitalised reserve.

Community consultation will be conducted across two rounds in 2023-24:

  • Round 1: Community use/ wants consultation (4 December 2023 - 14 January 2024) | CLOSED
  • Round 2: Draft concept design consultation| NOT STARTED

A Draft Concept Plan willl be developed based on your feedback and presented to Council. Please check this page for updates ad more information about Round 2 Consultation.

Round 1 community consultation closed at midnight Sunday, 14 January 2024.

Stages of the Matthews Reserve Upgrade project

Key facts

Corner Straun Avenue and Moore Street, Prospect


Minor Park / Playground area


Park size
3,500 sqm²

  • Round 1 Community Consultation

    4 December 2023 - 14 January 2024

    Round 1 community consultation on what the community would like to see as part of the upgrade at Matthews Reserve. Consult specifically with key stakeholders, including Blair Athol Tennis Club.

  • Development of Draft Concept Plan

    February - March 2024

    Develop a draft concept plan based on Round 1 community consultation and feedback.

  • Council Workshop - Round 1 Community┬áConsultation Feedback

    March 2024

    Present Round 1 community consultation feedback and the draft concept plan at Council Workshop, including costings.

  • Council Meeting - Draft Concept Plan Endorsement

    April 2024

    Seek endorsement of the draft concept plan to proceed to Round 2 community consultation.

  • Round 2 Community Consultation

    June 2024

    Round 2 community consultation on the draft concept plan to ensure it meets community expectations.

  • Council Meeting - Final Endorsement

    August 2024

    Finalise the draft concept plan from feedback gathered from Round 2 community consultation and seek Council endorsement to proceed to documentation and construction.