Peppermint Gums Reserve Upgrade

Project Overview

Consultation is now closed.

Most recently, Council sought feedback from the community regarding the inclusion of a toilet block in the reserve and possible locations, which will be included as part of the proposed broader upgrades.

Council has now conducted three rounds of community consultation for this project; October - November 2021, October-November 2022 and June 2024, to gather your input on what you’d like to see included in the reserve upgrade including a possible toilet, and to seek your support for the draft concept plan.

We were excited to receive general support from the community for the draft plan. The new flying fox and updated entrances to the park were the most supported items, followed by a pump track, new shelter and BBQ area, a fitness area and improvements to the nature play area.

Elected Member endorsement

In an Elected Member workshop held in January 2024, Elected Members suggested the reserve may benefit from some additional items, with one suggestion being the addition of a small toilet block. The concept plan along with the inclusion of a toilet block was endorsed by Elected Members at the 26 March 2024 Council meeting.

As a toilet did not form part of the original project scope, Council sought feedback from the community on including a toilet block, as well as possible locations within the reserve. An overview of the reserve with the proposed toilet locations can be found in the document library on the right-hand side of this page.

Depending on your feedback, a toilet block may or may not be added to the future upgrade of the reserve.

Currently this project is scheduled for construction in the 2025-2026 financial year, subject to funding.

Council acknowledges that the timing of this particular project has taken longer than is typical, due to other Council priorities.

Consultation has closed and your feedback is currnely being collated and will be considered at the August Council Meeting. We will keep you informed.

The survey is now closed. Thanks for participating.
  • Open Space Strategy Consultation

    March 2018

    Initial consultation undertaken to determine the community’s level of support for the Open Space Strategy and any feedback they have.

  • Round 1 Upgrade Consultation

    28 October - 21 November 2021

    Round 1 consultation on what the community would like to see as part of the upgrade at Peppermint Gums Reserve.

  • Council Workshops

    1 February and 5 April 2022

    Council Workshops to discuss the outcomes of the Round 1 community consultation and suggestions to prepare a draft concept plan.

  • Development of Draft Concept Plan

    February - April 2022

    Preparation of a draft concept plan that reflects feedback from the Round 1 community consultation and Council Workshops.

  • Endorsement of Draft Concept Plan

    26 April 2022

    Council endorsement of the draft concept plan for community consultation (Round 2).

  • Round 2 Upgrade Consultation

    Monday 24 October - Sunday 20 November 2022

    Round 2 community consultation on the draft concept plan to refine the plan and ensure it meets community expectations.  

  • Council Workshop and Budget

    January 2024

    Finalise the draft concept plan by incorporating the feedback gathered during the Round 2 consultation. Compile the findings and deliver a presentation to the Council, engaging in a discussion regarding the scope and budget.

  • Final Endorsement

    March 2024
    Seek endorsement from the Council to advance towards the documentation phase.

  • Consultation regarding potential toilet addition

    June 2024

    Council is now seeking feedback regarding the potential additional of a small toilet block as part of the broader upgrade.

  • Pursuing Grant Funding Opportunities

    July 2025 - June 2026

    Pursue various grant funding opportunities to facilitate the successful implementation of the upgrade. The future budget for construction may be considered in the draft budget for the City of Prospect for the 2025/2026 financial year.