Historic Themes for City of Prospect

Project overview

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Thank you to all who shared their valuable feedback.

City of Prospect is committed to safeguarding our city's unique character and historic places. As part of this effort, we're developing a Historic Thematic Framework which outlines the key historic themes that shaped Prospect, from its beginnings before European settlement to the present day.

Why is this important?

Under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016, a Historic Thematic Framework is now a requirement for councils seeking new or increased heritage protections from the State Government. Council will use the framework to advocate for stronger heritage protections when proposing changes to the Planning and Design Code.

We know our city’s local heritage is equally important to you and we are taking all the feedback we received into consideration to refine the Draft Historic Thematic Framework.

View the Draft Historic Thematic Framework in the document library here.

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Community consultation closed Sunday 26 May 2024.