Prospect Gardens / Narnu Wirra Playspace Upgrade

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Community Consultation for this Project has now closed.

We would like your feedback on the Draft Prospect Gardens/Narnu Wirra Playspace Upgrade Concept Plan.

"The proposed design of the playspace caters for children of all ages and has a dinosaur theme with key features that invite users to explore and discover the different elements. The design will stimulate curiosity and excitement in learning something new by interacting with the environment and features of the playspace. The setting amidst the suburban housing in Nailsworth, with mature trees surrounding the area, and the new features will bring out the inner child in all of us. Coupled with a fitness station linking to our other parks nearby (RL Pash and Broadview Oval / Yarnta Tutu yarta), this design provides plenty of opportunities for active recreation as well as passive recreation where you can find a quiet area to sit and relax.” Nina Phillips, Landscape Architect

CONSULTATION IS NOW CLOSED - Friday 4th September 2020

Council’s Open Space Strategy identifies the priority parks for upgrades and the Prospect Gardens / Narnu Wirra playspace has been scheduled for an upgrade in the 2020/21 financial year.

City of Prospect was successful in receiving a grant as part of the Minister for Planning’s 2019-2020 Planning and Development Fund for the upgrade of the Prospect Gardens / Narnu Wirra. The total cost of the project is $437,000 with 50% ($218,500) coming from grant funding.

A Draft Concept Plan for the upgrade of Prospect Gardens / Narnu Wirra has been developed by Council's Landscape Architect, drawing upon findings from the community consultation undertaken in late 2017. 

'Key Documents','Frequently Asked Questions' and 'Key Dates' are available on this page for your reference.

  • Council Endorsement

    Tuesday 28 July 2020

    Council Endorsement of Draft Concept Plan for Community Consultation.

  • Stage 3 - Consultation on Draft Concept Plan

    August - September 2020

    Consultation on Draft Concept Plan to refine the Plan and ensure it meets current community requirements and expectations.

  • Stage 4 – Finalising of Concept Plan

    September 2020

    Finalising of Concept Plan in response to feedback received from Stage 3 consultation.

  • Stage 5 – Seek Council Endorsement

    22 September 2020

    Seek Council endorsement to proceed to documentation and construction.

  • Stage 6 – Commence Construction

    January 2021

    Commence construction of new playspace.

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