Local Government Participation and Elections Review

Project Overview

Consultation has now closed. Thank you to everyone for yourideas and suggestions for changing the way councils operate in South Australia.

The Office of Local Government has beenconducting a state-wide consultation to give the community an opportunity to provide feedback on ideas and suggestions on how communities can better engage with their councils through a council term and, particularly, at election time.

This review and consultation focused on these key topics:

  • ways to better engage and participate with councils;
  • ways to encourage a greater number of more diverse candidates for election to councils;
  • ways to increase voter turnout; and
  • ways to ensure that council elections are run efficiently, with the highest level of integrity.

The aim of this consultation was to inform reform proposals and the development of the bill to amend local government legislation.

Feedback on the Discussion Paper closed on Thursday, 28 March 2024.

Please note this is a State Government consultation.

While the State Government is taking the lead on this project, our City of Prospect Council has a longstanding reputation as the government sphere closest to the people, thanks to the proximity of our Elected Members with the community. However, despite local members being elected to represent their communities, historically, only about one-third of voters choose to participate in their local council elections.

For that reason, we want to make sure you know about this consultation and encourage you to share your feedback to inform future Local Government legislation changes, including ways to increase voter turnout.

To find out about the consultation summary and read the discussion paper, visit YourSAy website.

The full Local Government Participation and Elections Review Discussion Paper and a Summary of the Discussion Paper can also be found in the Document Library to the right of this page.

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