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JW Rattley Reserve Additional Upgrades

JW Rattley Reserve Draft Concept Plan for Stage 2 Works

A report was presented to Council on 23 March 2021 on the outcomes of the community consultation.

Council resolved to endorse the proposed Concept Plan, and approved an additional $33,575 to the JW Rattley Reserve Upgrade be captured in the Budget for 2021/2022 when presented to Council, dedicating a total of $58,575 to the project upgrade.

You can read the Council Report and Minutes in the Key Documents section located on the right of this page.

JW Rattley Reserve was upgraded in June/July 2020 with key features including new playground equipment, nature play elements, lawned area, picnic areas, access path, reflection garden; fence murals and general landscaping.

As a result of feedback received on the upgrade, we have subsequently developed a draft Concept Plan for the Stage 2 Works, which adds some new elements to the park and takes into consideration the recent feedback and suggestions received. The intention of the draft Concept Plan for the Stage 2 Works is to connect the various play elements that were installed in June/July 2020 and add value to the playspace by providing more opportunities for imaginative play.

This is a draft plan only and we seek your feedback on whether the additional upgrades meet your needs. We are adding to the existing equipment and ground surfaces, which will all remain and will not be replaced. The draft plan allows for many children of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to play together in the one area.

Community consultation was conducted from 16 November to 6 December 2020.

  • Stage 1 – Initial Consultation


    Initial consultation undertaken to gather information on the current and proposed use of the Park.

  • Stage 2 – Preparation of Concept Plan

    July 2019

    Preparation of a Concept Plan that reflects the information gathered from the 2017 consultation.

  • Stage 3 –Letter to Residents

    June 2020

    Letters sent to residents within a 200m radius of the park notifying them of the park upgrade construction works.

  • Stage 4 – Upgrade Construction Works

    June - July 2020

    Installation of new play equipment and landscaping.       

  • Stage 4 – Preparation and Endorsement of the draft concept plan

    October 2020

    Preparation of a draft Concept Plan for Stage 2 Works that reflects the feedback received from the community after the upgrade works were completed. Endorsement occurred at the October 2020 Council Meeting for the draft Plan to go out for Community Consultation.

  • Stage 5

    16 November – 6 December 2020

    Consultation on draft Concept Plan for Stage 2 Works to ensure it meets community needs.

  • Stage 6

    January 2021

    Finalising of the Plan. Report to Council on outcomes of community consultation on the draft Concept Plan and seek endorsement to proceed to construction.

JW Rattley Reserve is located on Harvey Street, Nailsworth at the eastern side of the Council area. It is a small park that connects the street to the North Road Cemetery.

It was upgraded in June/July 2020 with a new basket swing, playground structure, reflective (sensory) garden, a musical instrument (xylophone) and nature play elements. Due to a number of residents and park users who were dissatisified that the upgrade met their needs, Council is looking to undertake Stage 2 Works to meet the needs of park users.

Furthermore, due to the disruptive nature of the musical instrument, it was subsequently removed from the playspace.

A draft concept plan has been prepared in-house with additional upgrades, including nature play – teepee, rocks/boulders for balancing, and interactive elements that are not disruptive.

The purpose of this community consultation is to inform the community of the draft concept plan for the Stage 2 Works and invite participants to provide feedback on components on the draft plan, and to ensure that it meets the community’s expectations.