Draft Broadview Sports & Recreation Precinct (Yarnta Tutu yarta) Master Plan


  • What is the Draft Broadview Sports & Recreation Precinct (Yarnta Tutu yarta) Master Plan?

    The Draft Master Plan was first developed a number of years ago in consultation with the community and key stakeholders, as Council sought to put in place an overarching strategic document to guide future improvements to this important sporting and recreational precinct. 

    The Draft Master Plan for consultation includes the following features:

    • New community health and fitness hub incorporating a Football Club and fitness centre
    • Demolition of the existing football club building and expansion of car parking areas
    • Construction of a new tennis club building (accommodating both tennis clubs)
    • Replacement of the former croquet club with 4 additional tennis courts
    • Maintenance and improvement of pedestrian access from Collingrove Avenue to the Oval and surrounds
    • Increase in car parking provision including hardstand areas, trafficable lawns and amenity landscaping
    • Addition of four (4) cricket nets, with the bowler run-up area able to double as a warm-up area for football (to replace an existing public access tennis court that doubles as a half-court basketball court)
    • Establishment of a new (dedicated) half-court basketball court
    • Demolition of the existing amenities building adjacent the NW tennis courts
    • Refurbishment of the lawn bowls clubrooms and addition of a pergola
    • Replacement of an existing bowling green with artificial turf and provision of a shade across the new green, and lighting to two greens
    • New public toilets adjacent the playground
    • Installation of lighting to the running track

    The Draft Broadview Sports & Recreation Precinct (Yarnta Tutu yarta) Master Plan can be viewed HERE.