Draft Broadview Sports & Recreation Precinct (Yarnta Tutu yarta) Master Plan


The timing for the replacement of the Broadview Football Clubrooms is yet to be determined and will be subject to securing funding opportunities.

Yes. The new football and tennis clubrooms both anticipate opportunities to provide for female change rooms.

While the design of individual elements has not yet been finalised, it is anticipated that some trees would require removal in order for future construction to occur.  The Draft Master Plan anticipates additional landscaping will be implemented, including the planting of trees across the precinct and particularly around car parking area.

Yes.  The Draft Master Plan has identified opportunities where additional car parking can be provided in the future, such as the south-western corner adjacent the Bowls Club, or where replacement car parking would be required (such as in tandem with the relocation of the Football Clubrooms on the western side of the precinct).

Yes. The overflow parking areas would be improved to improve their appearance, while ensuring they remain trafficable.

The Draft Master Plan would see one of the public tennis courts in the north-west corner of the precinct replaced by cricket nets, although this reduction would be offset through the creation of four additional courts on the southern side of the precinct that would be available for recreational use when not in use by the tennis clubs.  The existing Collingrove Tennis Clubrooms and the former Cressy Bowmen (Archery) Clubrooms (currently occupied by the Lions Club) would be removed to make way for a new tennis clubrooms facility that would cater for both tennis clubs. 

Yes.  While the sequencing of the Master Plan has not yet been determined, and will be subject to future funding agreements with other bodies, the intention is that the Master Plan can be delivered over a number of years to ensure the precinct as a whole remains open and accessible.

Preliminary estimates suggest that the Master Plan would cost in the order of $12m to deliver in its entirety, although this figure would vary depending on the detailed design of individual components. The intention is to stage the improvements as grant funding and contributions from other peak bodies become available, rather than relying solely on the local community and Council rates to fund project delivery.

While Council has allocated funding in its Long Term Financial Plan for future improvements to the precinct, it is anticipated that joint funding arrangements will need to be reached with clubs, peak sporting bodies, and other government agencies in the delivery of some parts of the Master Plan (particularly for major redevelopments of the Tennis and Football Clubrooms).

The community was heavily involved in consultation that informed the initial Draft Master Plan, and as such extensive consultation was not required in order to prepare the revised Draft Master Plan for further consultation. Council instead engaged with the local sporting clubs and peak sporting bodies, and are now inviting the broader community to have their say.

Consultation with Clubs and Sporting Bodies

February - March 2020


Senior Council staff met with representatives of the following clubs and peak sporting bodies to discuss the draft Master Plan and to get their feedback:

  • Prospect District Cricket Club, and SACA (South Australian Cricket Association)
  • Prospect Broadview Tennis Club, Collingrove Tennis Club, and Tennis SA
  • Broadview Football Club, and SANFL (South Australian National Football League)
  • Prospect Broadview Bowling Club
  • Prospect – Blair Athol Lions Club


Updates to Draft Master Plan

March - April 2020


A local design firm (DesignInc) undertook revisions to the draft Master Plan, guided by feedback from the clubs , sporting bodies and senior Council staff.


Council Workshop

Tuesday 21 April 2020


Senior Council staff presented an update on the Draft Broadview Oval/ Yarnta Tutu yarta Master Plan, discussing stakeholder consultation and feedback. The draft plan was presented to Council Members for consideration and feedback ahead of it coming to a future Council Meeting for endorsement. Council Members indicated general support for the draft Master Plan and made a number of comments in relation to the details of the Draft Master Plan and the importance of community consultation.


Council Endorsement for Consultation

Tuesday 28 April 2020


Council received a detailed report on the updated Draft Broadview Oval/ Yarnta Tutu yarta Master Plan and the stakeholder consultation that had occurred. The Draft Master Plan was formally endorsed for community consultation, with a future report to be presented to Council on the outcomes of that consultation.


Community Consultation Commences

Monday 18 May 2020


Consultation Closing Date

Monday 29 June 2020


Council Workshop

Tuesday 7 July 2020


Council Decision

Tuesday 26 July 2020