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Disability Access and Inclusion Plan


A key objective is to develop and enhance a culture of inclusion within City of Prospect. The Disability Access Inclusion Plan will include the following outcomes to support people with disabilities:

  • People with disabilities will have equitable access to buildings, facilities, services and events;
  • People with disabilities will have equitable access to information and communication opportunities;
  • Eliminate discrimination against people with disability;
  • Ensure the legal equality of people with disability;
  • Promote the recognition and acceptance within the community that people with disability have the same rights as the rest of the community;
  • Ensure Council’s employment practices will be inclusive.

The City of Prospect is responsible for the delivery of efficient and effective local government services to residents, businesses and visitors to the city.

We will acknowledge your feedback either by email or in writing. A final draft (Disability) Access and Inclusion Plan 2019-2022 will be presented for Council consideration in late 2020.