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Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

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Community Consultation for this Project has now closed.

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan -

A key objective of the plan is to develop and enhance a culture of inclusion within City of Prospect.

The Disability Access Inclusion Plan will include the following outcomes to support people with disabilities:
 People with disabilities will have equitable access to buildings, facilities, services and events;  People with disabilities will have equitable access to information and communication opportunities;  Eliminate discrimination against people with disability;  Ensure the legal equality of people with disability;  Promote the recognition and acceptance within the community that people with disability have the same rights as the rest of the community;  Ensure Council’s employment practices will be inclusive.

Community Survey

City of Prospect provides a range of facilities, services, activities and events for its community and visitors.

Council is committed to the principles of accessibility and inclusiveness for people with a disability which include, fundamental human rights, responsibility and autonomy, individual worth and dignity and participation in social and economic life.

Disability access and inclusion planning means the programed removal of barriers which might preclude people with a disability and/or their carers from accessing any of City of Prospect facilities, services, activities and events.

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  • Key Documents
  • Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Key Dates 
  • Council Report 28 July 2020 - Engage a Consultant

    Council having considered Item 12.10 Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2020-2024 receive and note the report.

  • Interactive Workshop with Elected Members and Mayor

    •           Coping with disability;

    •           Overview of people with a disability their carers and their legislative rights;

    •           The Australian Human Rights Commission Complaints Process;

    •           What is a Disability Inclusion Action plan?;

    •           Input from the workshop attendees to be included in the plan.

  • Mayor's Disability Forum

    Public Meeting

    Thursday 10 September 2020 

    5:00pm until 6:30pm

  • Consultation Commences

    Monday 24 August 2020

  • Consultation Concludes

    Friday 18 September 2020

  • Finalisation of Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

    Delivery of the City of Prospect Disability and Inclusion Plan 2020 – 2024 by 31 October 2020.