Devonport Terrace Streetscape Upgrade

Project Overview

A report was presented to Council on 23 March 2021 on the outcomes of the community consultation.

Council resolved to support the Devonport Terrace Streetscape Draft Concept Plans for construction in the 2020/2021 Financial Year.

You can read the Council Report and Minutes in the Key Documents section located on the right of this page.

Council has completed a Draft Concept Plan (Draft Plan) for the Devonport Terrace Streetscape. We invite you to provide feedback to assist Council to understand community support or otherwise for specific components of the Draft Plan before its finalisation and the completion of work within the current financial year.

Council has received grant funding from State and Federal Government to deliver this project.

The Draft Plan is based on feedback from a 2017 community survey and ongoing discussions with a local Community Reference Group established by Council for this project.

The scope of work includes:

  • New kerbing treatments along the Western edge of Devonport Terrace
  • Stormwater management (incorporating Water Sensitive Urban Design)
  • Landscaping (trees and shrubs)
  • Improve safety and wayfinding for pedestrians exiting train stations

You can find a copy of the Draft Plan in the Document Library at the top right of this page.

Community consultation was conducted from 24 February to 9 March 2021.

  • Initial investigations

    Stage 1

    Initial consultation (survey) undertaken to understand the priorities of concern for the street.  

    September 2017

    Devonport Terrace Community Reference Group formed.

    May 2018

  • Preparation of draft concept plan

    Stage 2

    Preparation of draft concept plan that reflects the information gathered from Stage 1.

    September 2020

  • Council Workshop #1

    Stage 3

    Council Workshop with external consultants to present the draft concept plan and invite feedback prior to consulting publicly with the community.

    3 November 2020

  • Council Workshop #2

    Stage 4

    Second Council Workshop to present the updated concept plan addressing Councillor concerns raised in the first Workshop.

    8 December 2020

  • Council Meeting

    Stage 5

    Council Meeting to clarify the project budget and scope and seek endorsement of draft concept plan for community consultation.

    23 February 2021

  • Community Consultation

    Stage 6

    Community feedback on the draft concept plan, prior to finalisation.

    24 Feb - 9 March 2021

  • Finalising the concept plan

    Stage 7 - March 2021 - Finalising the concept plan in response to feedback received in Stage 6 and seeking Council endorsement to proceed to documentation and construction.

  • Commence works

    Stage 8 - April/May 2021 – Commence works