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Community Hub, Library & Innovation Centre (CLIC)

Latest News

  • May 2019 Project Update

    The CLIC building now has a name! ‘Payinthi’ (a Kaurna word meaning ‘good prospects’) has been selected and endorsed by Council as the building name.The architects and signage consultant will now design a vertical sign to hang from the façade of the building.

    On-site, work has continued on the building exterior, with the scaffolding removed to reveal the Prospect Road façade and to allow for the ongoing installation of the windows and façade screen. There’s still some work to do before it’s revealed in its entirety, but it’s really taking shape.

    Head over to Prospect Road to check it out if you haven't yet!

  • April 2019 Project Update

    With the external cladding now complete, the first windows have now been installed in the new building (at the rear of the ground floor), along with the first section of the external façade screen (above the Gallery fronting Prospect Road). Internally, first fix services have been completed and wall cladding has commenced, while the two lifts servicing the building have also been installed. The new opening has been established in the wall between the existing Eliza Hall and the new café/ retail tenancy (located off Vine Plaza). 

  • March 2019 Project Update

    The construction team have completed the structural steel installation for the new opening between the Town Hall and the new building (as pictured), along with restoration of the surrounding stonework.  This will be duplicated on the other side of the Eliza Hall in the future, with large swinging doors and fixed (acoustic) glazing to be fitted to both openings.  The roof of the new building has also now been completed.

  • February 2019 Project Update

    The construction team have commenced work on the roof of the new building, with the delivery and installation of structural steel and roof sheeting.  Works also continued on the interior of the heritage-listed Town Hall, along with wall framing and the installation of services within the lower levels of the new building.  The brickwork surrounding the gallery window to Prospect Road has also been substantially completed.

  • January 2019 Project Update

    Renovation works have started in the Town Hall! It's definitely a big change compared to its recent use. The works are progressing nicely after a quick break over Christmas and some very warm weather. Concrete for the top level was poured recently and works on the lift shaft have begun. Precast for the walls will follow in early-February.

  • December 2018 Project Update

    The new Community Hub, Library and Innovation Centre (CLIC) is progressing well and is on track for completion by late-2019. The Kennett team has been busy over the past few months installing precast, the lift shaft and steelwork for the building. The first floor concrete pour occurred in November. and preparation works have been undertaken for the pour of the second floor slab in early-2019. 

    All Council services, including customer service and the Planning and Building team have moved out of the Town Hall and are now located at the Thomas Street Centre in Nailsworth. Renovation works of the Town Hall will begin in early-2019. 


  • October 2018 Project Update

    The construction of your new Community Hub, Library and Innovation Centre (CLIC) is progressing well, with the building structure rising out of the ground to appear above the site hoardings. With the ground floor slab completed, there is a real sense of the size of the new library and art gallery, as well as how the new building will relate to the adjacent local heritage-listed Town Hall.   

    The project team have been using a combination of construction techniques, with in-situ concrete pours for the coloumns and lift shaft, a post-tensioned concrete slab to the ground floor, concrete tilt-up panels to the northern wall, and strictural steel columns (and K-bracing) extending vertically through the building. This multi-faceted approach is required to achieve an open and airy feel to the building, with glazing on three sides of the building, as well as providing future flexibility by ensuring there are as few columns as possible. 

    We’re now seeing works progressing at a rapid pace, with the main building structure due to be completed and enclosed by February 2019 prior to the glazing and façade screen being completed. With works continuing up until a brief break over the Christmas period, we can all look forward to watching the facility take shape over the coming months. Passers-by continue to enjoy being able to see the construction progress through special portholes located in the covered passageway at the front of the site, or you can also view construction from Vine Plaza.

    Click here to view a video highlighting the construction progress from the beginning of the project to September 2018.

  • September 2018 Project Update

    We are pleased to report that the construction of the new Community Hub, Library and Innovation Centre (CLIC) is progressing well and is on track for completion by September 2019. The demolition process proved to be slightly more complicated than anticipated, with oversized footings requiring additional time on site to complete demolition.

    A high level of care was needed during demolition to ensure the adjacent local heritage-listed Town Hall was not damaged during any of the works, with specialist firm Samaras brought in to complete the delicate task of removing the old atrium.

    After such an exciting start to the project, with the demolition of the former civic centre transforming the site and revealing the northern wall of the Town Hall, the subsequent civil works for the new building have seemed slow in comparison. This is a critically important part of the project, as this activity (quite literally!) puts in place the foundation for the rest of the construction process.

    With civil works now complete, in coming months we’ll see the new building start to come out of the ground, with the basement precast panels being erected in September. Steelwork from ground to first floor will follow in October, as the building starts to take shape and peek above the hoarding on Prospect Road.

    With works continuing on the construction of the new CLIC, we can all look forward to watching the facility take shape over the coming months. Passers-by have enjoyed being able to watch construction progress through the special portholes provided in the covered passageway at the front of the site, or via unrestricted views through the rear fencing.

  • June 2018 Project Update

    In order to officially begin the works on the CLIC, a ceremonial ‘turning of the sod’ was held in recent weeks, where the Mayor, CEO, key members of the Project Team and contractors/consultants attended the site to look forward as a team to the 15 months’ construction that lies ahead.

    Council staff are working with members of JPE Design Studio, who are also the architects for the CLIC project, to progress an Vine Street Plaza Integration Plan. Whilst delivery of that plan will need to be funded separately to CLIC, some key components (such as paving across the front of the Town Hall) will be brought forward to ensure timely delivery and to complement the CLIC.

    Council’s Business and Innovation team have engaged Commercial Property Agents Knight Frank to provide advice and early promotional material for the tenancies in the CLIC. Initial feedback suggests that the recent amendments to the plans, which increase the size of the café tenancy, will be well-received by the market. Their advice also confirms that it is too early to market the top floor commercial space/s as the market will respond much better to a building which is able to be toured, so that the size, orientation and vistas from the space can be fully appreciated by prospective tenants.

  • May 2018 Project Update

    It has been a busy few months in the delivery of the new Community Hub, Library and Innovation Centre (CLIC), as the design of the new facility was refined in collaboration with the Community Reference Group (a group specially established to assist Council and the architects). The external appearance of the new building has been revised, with an update to the façade fin design, and careful selection of colours and materials to ensure the new building forms a complementary (and innovative) addition to our adjacent heritage-listed Town Hall.

    Internally, there has been a focus on design and layout of the art gallery and local history area, and further consideration of how the Town Hall forms an integral part of the design. These spaces are recognised as playing a key role in reflecting the culture and history of City of Prospect and for providing nodes of activity within the new facility.

    There was a high level of excitement in and around Prospect Road as work commenced on the demolition of the existing Civic Centre to allow for the construction of the new Community Hub, Library and Innovation Centre (CLIC). Great care was taken in establishing the site to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, while minimising traffic interruptions. Council is ensuring as much car parking at the rear of the site remains available throughout construction.

    Council staff were active in the months leading up to the demolition in relocating to alternate sites, with the Town Hall (accessed from Vine Plaza) and Irish Harp Room set up to accommodate Council’s customer service-focussed staff and functions. Other staff have temporarily relocated to the Thomas Street Centre on Main North Road, with remaining staff operating from the Walkerville depot.

    The relocation was done with an emphasis on using Council-owned facilities (and reusing existing office furniture) to accommodate staff during the construction period. Any excess furniture and equipment, and even parts of the Civic Centre building itself (including fixtures and fittings), were donated to local community groups. The transition process went smoothly, with the Civic Centre closed for just one day while staff relocated to their temporary workplaces.

    Work on the construction of the new building commenced at the end of May, and will continue in earnest over coming months. New hoardings have gone up at the Prospect Road edge of the site, which allow for passers-by to sneak a peek at the activity happening on site.

  • January 2018 Project Update

    Layout and design of the new facility has reached an important milestone with Council (at the ordinary Council meeting 19 December 2017) giving endorsement for the concept design to proceed to design development, noting the continued involvement of Elected Members, the Community Reference Group, key staff and other stakeholders.  Council has agreed to a budget allocation of $16.4m for construction and fit-out of the CLIC, noting that this figure will be continually refined through the development of the design and throughout the life of the project.

    An invitation for residents to access this CLIC Engagement Hub website to respond to the available on-line Surveys will be posted to all residential properties (early February) and promoted during the 15 January 'Tourrific Prospect' event.  All comments received through both Surveys will be considered by Council as part of the on-going design process.


  • Council Services During 2018/19

    The Civic Centre at 128 Prospect Road, Prospect needs to be vacated in early March 2018 to allow for demolition and construction of the new Community Hub, Library & Innovation Centre (CLIC) to occur on this site.  Council Services will be relocated to three sites during 2018/19.

    1. Prospect Town Hall (entrance off Vine Street Plaza)

    • Customer Services will be based here, including Enquiries and Council Payments, Planning & Development Services as well as the Prospect Community Support team who will continue to provide acitivies for our 'My Aged Care' residents.

    2. Thomas Street Centre, 1 Thomas Street, Nailsworth (corner Main North Road)

    • Existing services will continue to operate from here (Library, Gallery, Local History and Digital Hub service)
    • Economic Development and the Arts, Gallery & Events Team will be based here
    • Council's Volunteers Coordinator and Community Development Officer will contactable here
    • The Thomas Street Centre will remain available for Council use until the end of its lease in August 2019

    3. Town of Walkerville Depot, Fuller Street, Walkerville

    • Administration ('back of house') staff and depot staff will be based here.