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Community Hub, Library & Innovation Centre (CLIC)


The current building is leased from the SA Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) which is adjacent to Nailsworth Primary School. The lease will not be renewed beyond 2019 as Nailsworth Primary School will be expanding their facilities due to enrolment pressures.
The current opening hours are:
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:15am to 8:30pm
  • Wednesday: 10:15am to 6pm
  • Thursday: 10:15am to 6pm
  • Friday: 10:15am to 6pm
  • Saturday: 9am to 4pm
  • Sunday: 2pm to 5pm
The opening hours of the new facility will be determined through engagement with the community.
Over 120,000 people visit the Library, Digital Hub, Cottage, Toy Library, Local History and Art Gallery every year, with many more accessing online resources.

This decision will be made by the SA Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) in collaboration with Nailsworth Primary School.

CLIC is the working name for Community Hub, Library and Innovation Centre.
The requirement to move Prospect Library from its current location has provided the opportunity for Council to consider what is required of the new facility for the benefit of Prospect residents over coming decades. Council is interested in expanding the size and range of current facilities and services.
The City of Prospect is taking a co-design approach to developing the new facility and the services and activities which will be available to our community. This exciting and significant project is an opportunity to deliver a community hub of the future, now. Council’s Community Reference Group will work with the Elected Members and architect on the design of the building.
Our goal is to create a facility that is an innovative and activated space, which provides opportunities for all members of our community to visit, collaborate, engage and learn.
CLIC will be located on the site of the existing Council Civic Centre as part of a co-located facility bringing together the library, gallery and digital hub, council administration and civic facilities.
Currently, it is anticipated that the new facility will be opened in September 2019.
It is anticipated that the new community facility will be larger than the current site at 1 Thomas Street, Nailsworth.
Extensive research was completed to inform the two site decision making process; see below for further detail:
The decision making process over the last two years has included workshops, discussions, site tours, research, staff advice and consultant reports to the point where a justified recommendation could be made regarding the site and preferred development option for the Council's new Community Hub, Library and Innovation Centre (CLIC).
Key elements for the decision making process are described as follows:
Policy Alignment
While all Options are considered to be aligned, those Options that enhance vibrancy and investment through mixed use development and those Options which provide for the CLIC on Prospect Road are likely to progress more Strategic Plan objectives than those Options that do not.
Community Benefit
The expected community benefit under each Option was independently quantified with the finding that the greatest positive impact on community welfare would come from progressing the Prospect Road site and mixed use development, returning the highest net present value of benefits.
Financial Impact
Those Options that include a co-location of the CLIC and Civic Centre have a higher upfront build cost due to the additional scale of construction. This additional cost is offset by the
opportunity to sell the alternative (unused) site and by reduced ongoing operating costs over time in the form of savings generated from co-location. Analysis performed by Council has
concluded that while the upfront capital cost differs across Options, all Options are affordable in the context of the current Long Term Financial Plan.
Risk Assessment
Delivery risk is higher for those Options which consider co-location of the CLIC and the Civic Centre and include a provision for mixed use development. All Options have been assessed
as deliverable within the risk tolerance of Prospect as defined by Council’s Risk Management Framework.
The completed risk assessment showed that provided the risk management framework continues to be applied throughout the life of the CLIC Project, all Options can be delivered without exposing Council to an overall level of ‘Extreme’ risk. All Options are therefore considered to be acceptable from a risk perspective.
A key decision was made at Council’s January 2017 meeting, after an extensive process of consultant reports, workshops, financial modelling, consultation and site tours, Council selected to progress the CLIC Project on the Prospect Road Civic Centre site currently used for the Civic Centre.  
This is an exciting step forward as it provides great clarity for the project to now move forward into the detailed elements of what's included in the CLIC, its design, the service levels to be provided and a whole range of other matters.
This decision is likely the biggest single spend of a generation by this Council and the financial modelling has demonstrated this to be both appropriate and affordable.  Such a decision has the likelihood of having a positive influence on the way the city functions and it is a decision that affects us all.
There are plenty of actions, discussions and community consultation ahead as we move toward a new CLIC including an updated Civic Centre and associated partner development on the current Prospect Road Civic Centre site.
Yes. Regardless of the model for service delivery it is planned that a new facility will offer larger spaces for programs, services and amenities.
New technologies in libraries include an increase in digital collections such as eBooks, streaming services, eMagazines, eReaders and equipment for loan, high speed WiFi, 3D printing and digital education. Online resources and interactive displays are designed to entertain, to educate and to inspire.
Online usage has increased by over 250% from 2013 to 2015 for the number of WiFi customers, use of in house computers and use of online resources.
In the past 10 years, the physical loan of books has decreased, while the major growth is in the use of technology including WiFi access and online resource use. Customer enquiries now relate to assistance with technology while much less relate to readers’ advice. Growth in library usage is now driven by customers attending programs and training or simply using the library space as a community meeting space to relax, to learn, to be entertained or to meet others.
  • Design:  A modern, artistic and sustainable external form
  • Services: book collection (including digital), JP Services, Wi-Fi and art activities/ displays with digital literacy and family history.
  • Accessibility: Services and/or programs for people with a disability or special needs
  • Amenities: Toilets, Parenting/Baby change room, parking,  various public and private reading/ studying areas
  • Opening Hours: Extended hours
  • Activation and communal spaces: Café, children’s play and events, meeting/training rooms, outdoor space, recreational and educational programs for all age groups, entrepreneur/small business facilities
Council services will be relocated to three sites during 2018/19:
  • Prospect Town Hall, 126 Prospect Road, Prospect.
    • Customer Service will be based here, including Enquiries and Council Payments, Planning and Development Services and Economic Development team.
    • Council functions and activities will also occur here, including Council Meetings, Club5082, Citizenship Ceremonies, Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) activities, Community Events and meetings.
  • Thomas Street Centre, 1 Thomas Street, Nailsworth (corner Main North Road)
    • Existing services will continue to operate from here (Library, Gallery, Local History and Digital Hub service)
    • Community focussed activities will also be based here, including the Community Development team, (CHSP and Volunteers) and the Arts, Gallery and Events team.
    • The Thomas Street Centre will remain available for Council use until the end of its lease in August 2019.
  • Town of Walkerville Depot, Fuller Street, Walkerville
    • Administration (‘back of house’) staff and depot staff will be based here.
From January – March 2016, Council undertook a multi-faceted completed a range of different types of consultation processes including face-to-face discussions, online surveys (also available in hard copy) with website information and fact sheets which satisfied the aims of the community engagement strategy developed for this stage of the project. A total of 503 survey responses were received as a result of the various methods of engagement. The questions asked ranged from the use of current services, views on future services, programs and amenities and aspirations for the look and feel for the LibraryPLUS facility with some key feedback grouped into a number of themes.
This valuable feedback is presented in the Community Consultation Report dated 28 April 2016.
In late 2016, Council established a dedicated online engagement hub, to host documentation on the project and as a mechanism to engage with the community over the lifecycle of the project.
Council is committed to consulting with the community at each stage of the CLIC Project to ensure the facility reflects community needs and aspirations.
One component of the community consultation is the Community Reference Group (CRG), a group of community representatives and stakeholders gathered to provide advice to the Project Executive Group (PEG) regarding the development and implementation of the CLIC Project. The Community Reference Group was finalised at the end of 2016 and they held their first meeting on 1 February 2017. The group meets monthly.
The Community Reference Group helps the Project Executive Group and Council to understand what people from a broad cross section of our community believe are important considerations when designing and building the new facility by:
  • Providing information and advice from diverse perspectives
  • Reflecting the concerns and issues of stakeholders and the general public and making recommendations as appropriate.
  • Commenting and/or making recommendations according to reports, plans and requests from the Project Executive Group
  • Serving as a “sounding board”
The advice and opinions of the Community Reference Group will be considered by the Project Executive Group and incorporated into the CLIC Project design and implemented where appropriate and possible (taking into consideration influences such as budgetary constraints, legislative requirements, alignment with Federal, State and Council strategic objectives).
The contributions made by the Community Reference Group to the CLIC Project contribute to the new facility being the best it can be ‐ thoughtful and considerate in design, functional, appealing and inspiring for all who visit.
Keep informed as the project progresses by registering to ‘Have your Say’ at this web site.