Churchill Road Master Plan - Stage 3

Have Your Say

Community Consultation for this Project has now closed.

City of Prospect has received feedback on the Churchill Road, Stage 3 Concept Design.

* Members of the community were invited to have their say for the completion of Stage 3, with feedback now closed.

Feedback will be used to inform the design and layout of the Churchill Road Streetscape Upgrade (Stage 3 of 3) which commenced via Master Plan, developed in 2009.

Community feedback and the final design will be discussed at Council's ordinary meeting Tuesday 23 June 2020.

Churchill Road Master Plan - Stage 3 will take place on Churchill Road between Gurr Street to Livingstone Avenue.

The concept design of the final stage of the Master Plan has already been completed and will include new paved footpaths, kerb and gutter, stormwater management, indented parking & bus bays, pedestrian refuges, continuation of bike land, and tree & vegetation planting.

Construction is due to commence in October 2020 and will take six months.