Annual Business Plan and Budget 2023-2024

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  • City of Prospect unveils transformative investment for community

    Exciting developments are underway in City of Prospect as the Council announces a significant initiative that will shape our community's future. After careful evaluation, the Council has entered a contract to acquire a 5,522m2 premises adjoining Prospect Oval at 142-148 Main North Road, at a cost of $8.3 million.

    By acquiring this land, Council aims to continue shaping Prospect Oval as a high-value community asset, improving public amenities and community spaces, and supporting Main North Road's economic development to create better connections between Main North Road and Prospect Oval.

    City of Prospect Mayor, Matt Larwood, expressed his enthusiasm for the purchase.

    "The acquisition of this land is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for our city,” Mayor Larwood said.

    “As well as supporting a unique health, wellness and fitness precinct that contributes to the physical and mental wellbeing of all residents, this purchase also holds the potential to off-set the costs of future improvements to Prospect Oval and surrounding facilities.”

    “We want to ensure this precinct reflects the aspirations and needs of our community, whether you're a footy fan, a dog walker, or a family that enjoys picnics at or near Prospect Oval.”

    Kris Mooney, President of the North Adelaide Football Club, emphasised the positive synergy between the land acquisition and the historic oval.

    "The acquisition of this additional land is an exciting step forward,” Mooney said.

    “This investment will complement the oval's rich history, and we look forward to working with Council in bringing this vision to life."

    Mayor Larwood reassured the community that while pursuing this opportunity, Council remains dedicated to maintaining and improving infrastructure across the entire City of Prospect.

    "We remain committed to addressing our community's core needs,” Mayor Larwood said.

    “We are actively working on an Integrated Transport Plan to enhance transportation efficiency and address parking concerns, and our upcoming Food Organics and Green Organics (FOGO) green bin collection trial reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability. This purchase will not detract from Council’s ongoing commitment to maintain and improve community assets."

    Council is committed to collaboration with key stakeholders, including North Adelaide Football Club, the South Australian National Football League, Prospect Cricket Club, the South Australian Cricket Association, and relevant State and Federal Government agencies, to maximise the benefits of this investment.