Annual Business Plan and Budget 2023-2024

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  • Annual Business Plan and Budget 2023-24: Community Consultation Outcomes and Updates

    We appreciate your involvement in the public consultation for the Annual Business Plan and Budget 2023-24. Your feedback has been instrumental in determining the projects, priorities, and services that are important to the community. By incorporating the overall input received, we can efficiently allocate budget resources to work towards the goals outlined by our residents during the engagement process.

    Our commitment is to provide a transparent public consultation process, allowing you to access the outcomes easily. You can find the relevant documents on the left side of this project webpage in the Document Library. Four specific types of documents will be particularly useful in understanding the outcomes of the consultation:

    • Council Reports and Minutes: These documents provide a comprehensive overview of the discussions and decisions made during the consultation process.
    • FAQs: Here, you can find the answers to the main questions and concerns raised by the public regarding the Annual Business Plan and Budget for 2023-24.
    • Budget Allocation 2023-24 | Community Consultation Summary: This document showcases the key engagement strategy integrated into the initial budget workshops.
    • Summary of Feedback - Infographic: This document highlights the top concerns and key themes that emerged during the public consultation, presented in an easy-to-understand infographic format.

    Please take a moment to review these materials to gain a better understanding of the consultation outcomes.

    If you have any remaining questions or concerns regarding the consultation or its outcome, we are here to lend an attentive ear. Feel free to reach out to us via email at