Annual Business Plan 2020 - 2021

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Community Consultation for this Project has now closed.

City of Prospect is seeking feedback on its Draft Annual Business Plan 2020-2021 which includes the Budget and Rating Policy for 2020-2021.

Members of the community are invited to have their say on this document, with feedback closing on Monday 25th May at 5pm.

The Annual Business Plan outlines the services Council will provide to the community and how it will pay for these services. The Plan also provides a summary of how your rates will be levied for 2020-2021.

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What is the Annual Business Plan?

The Annual Business Plan is a key element of the Council’s overall planning framework.  It describes how the Council will put into operation the strategic vision of the Council and undertake the core business to ensure the City is well run and the community receives quality services.

The Plan helps us develop and build the capacity of the organisation to enable the most efficient and effective service delivery.

The Draft Annual Business Plan 2020-21 can be viewed HERE.

The focus of the $27M draft plan is upon the provision of essential services and a range of projects to maintain and improve our City infrastructure while carefully managing Council’s financial sustainability and response to the recent unprecedented impact of COVID-19 upon our community. 

The draft plan is funded by Council’s lowest rate increase in 20 years, 0.5% below Adelaide CPI. The average rates increase is projected to be an increase of 1.9%, on average $36 more than the current year.

While Council did consider a 0% rate increase for 2020-2021 this would leave Council approximately $400,000 short in its budget. The shortfall would most likely lead to a reduction of service levels and an inability for Council to match Federal and State Government grants in order to stimulate the local economy post COVID19.

How can I have my say?

Members of the Community are invited to have their say on the Draft Annual Business Plan 2020-21.

The Plan can be viewed HERE.

We encourage you to participate in as many elements of our community consultation process as possible. 

Submission on the Draft Annual Business Plan can be provided as follows:

- Submission Form on this Engagement Platform 

- Correspondence to Payinthi PO Box 171 Prospect SA 5082  

- Email

Submissions must be lodged by Monday 25th May at 5pm.

  • Council Endorsement

    28 April 2020

    Council endorse the draft Annual Business Plan and Budget 2020-21 and the Draft Rating Strategy 2020-21 ready for Community Consultation.

  • Community Consultation Commences

    4 May 2020 

    - Notification in Adelaide Advertiser

    - Copies of Annual Business Plan available from Payinthi

    - Information and link to Engagement Hub

  • School Focus Groups

    4 – 15 May 2020

    - Blackfriars Priory School

    - Prescott College

  • Interactive Webinar

    21 May 2020 

    Starts at 6:30pm

    Opportunity for residents to ask questions of key Council staff.

    A ZOOM Link will be emailed to

  • Closing Date

    25 May 2020

    Closing date for public consultation submissions at 5pm.

  • Council Workshop

    2 June 2020

    Council Workshop to discuss the results of the Community Consultation.

  • Council Decision

    23 June 2020

    Final Council decision.

Welcome to the City of Prospect Annual Business Plan for the 2020‐2021 financial year.

As with the rest of our State, the challenge of the new financial year is to move beyond the insulating and constraining effects of the pandemic, and to demonstrate the important role local Councils must play to stimulate our local economy, and bring back some normality to our community lives.

By the latter half of the new financial year, I sincerely hope the community, events, and other engagement activities provided by Council, will again form the backdrop of what we all so enjoy about living in Prospect. The following pages of our draft Business Plan provide comprehensive details of Council’s plans to achieve these goals.

Features of the draft plan include a budget of $351,500 partitioned for considered use, as the changing requirements of the pandemic become better known. The need to budget this amount continues with Council’s focus upon innovative and timely responses to emerging opportunities for the wellbeing of our residents.

Locally based economic stimulus will be focussed upon local infrastructure projects, including the continued implementation of asset renewal of roads, footpaths, kerbs and gutters, and stormwater infrastructure.

The budget includes significant investments in open space upgrades, with Council undertaking a more than $1M upgrade of the play space and outdoor facilities at Charles Cane/Parndo Yerta Reserve. This project is being funded 50:50 between Council and the federal government, supporting Council’s vision to provide a quality open space for the current and future use of the facility.

Complementing Council’s recent investment in the construction of the new facility on Prospect Road, Payinthi, Council is undertaking a staged upgrade process to the adjacent Vine Street Plaza at the cost of $200,000.

Council will also spend $437,500 upgrading the playground at Prospect Gardens/Narnu Wirra. This playground was identified in Council’s Open Space Strategy as a key project for 2020-2021, and is a popular park for our residents in the East of our City.

A much less visible project, though no less important, Council is moving to alter stormwater collection from Farrant Street, to create a diversion away from Alexandra Street. The urgency of this initiative was made clear during a recent flooding event.

These are only some of the highlights of the 2020-2021 draft Annual Business Plan, and I encourage you to get involved in the planned community consultation process, to inform and influence the completion of the final document.





David O’Loughlin

Mayor, City of Prospect

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